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About KAN

Kurdistan Agency for Normalization (KAN) is a Non-Governmental Organization founded in Erbil, Kurdistan, 15/08/2021, and registered in the Department of Non-Governmental Organization, Council of Ministers – Office Presidency.

KAN signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Kurdistan Regional Government-Iraq (KRG). The scope of activities assigned to KAN by KRG is in the fields of accreditation. Standardization and promotion of Excellence Management Models. KAN will support the activities of KRG and give preferential treatment to the request from KRG to carry out work on standards projects that the KRG deem to be in the public interest.

Kurdistan Region of Iraq is a great place with great people, people that works hard and wake up every morning to create a better place for them, their families and the world. We do what we do to support this effort and to push this transformational movement so every step in the way will be in the right direction. That’s why our purpose is “ A transformation force for the Kurdistan Region of Iraq”

  • We do the right things.
  • We are responsible and accountable for our work.
  • We look for results.
  • We are supportive.

Kurdistan regional Government

Kurdistan Region of Iraq and KAN signed a Memorandum of Understanding for KAN to work setting up standards, ensuring standards are correctly applied through the establishment of an accreditation organization and promoting an excellence program for the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

QMS Excellence Services

QMS Excellence Services, with a German based headquarter, provides a wide range of training, learning and advising programs in the area of Business Excellence. QMS brings to KAN all its experience of more than 25 years supporting world-class organizations in their excellence journey.  QMS is supporting KAN to enable local capabilities of business excellence professionals, while collaborating with KAN in different improvement programs in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

EFQM Leading Excellence

EFQM has helped 50,000 organisations perform better over 30 years. By using its world-leading methodologies and the EFQM Model and Technology backed up by best practice, organisations can focus improvement on their priorities, their purpose, and their people. Through EFQM integrated and carefully designed portfolio of training and services, we work side by side with leaders to better equip their teams as they manage excellence, cultural change and transformation. Our aim is to help organisations deliver positive performance and meaningful benefits for all of their key stakeholders and society as a whole. KAN has selected the EFQM excellence model as the business management framework to be promoted in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The EFQM model is the heart of our Excellence Program.

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